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AMS Dating. The Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) technique enables small samples to be dated. This means small samples previously considered to be unsuitable are more likely to be datable; scientists can now select from a wider range of sample types; dates can be made on individual species or different fractions; greater numbers of radiocarbon measurements can be made resulting in more ... DirectAMS provides high-precision radiocarbon dating services for applications in Archaeology, Geology, Anthropology, Climate Science, Antiquities, and more! We process samples in a dedicated tracer-free facility, and obtain dates using our accelerator mass spectrometer (AMS) designed specifically for radiocarbon. Isolating Carbon for AMS After the appropriate pretreatment procedures, the carbon in the sample must isolated in the form of graphite for analysis via AMS. The carbon is first converted to a gas in the form of CO 2 through acid hydrolysis for inorganic carbonates such as shell and bioapatite, and combustion for noncarbonates such as collagen ... AMS Dating Extracted Pollen The laboratory typically needs 5-20 mg of extracted pollen (approximate dry weight) for dating depending on carbon content. It is important to ensure that all of the carbonates (CaCO3) have been completely removed so there is no further mass reduction prior to combustion of the sample. The Management Board has published in due form and time and in accordance with the provisions of §§ 106, 107 of the Austrian Stock Corporation Act (AktG) the convocation of the annual general meeting of ams AG and has thereby announced 11 agenda items. From our Annual Meeting—the world’s largest yearly gathering for the weather, water, and climate community—to our specialty conferences, short courses, and events, AMS brings together atmospheric scientists, professionals, students, authors, educators, researchers and weather enthusiasts from around the world to share and collaborate ideas about research. Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Advantages. The greatest advantage that AMS radiocarbon dating has over radiometric methods is small sample size. Accelerator mass spectrometers need only as little as 20 milligrams and as high as 500 milligrams for certain samples whereas conventional methods need at least 10 grams in samples like wood and charcoal and as much as 100 grams in bones and sediments. Radiocarbon dating, also known as carbon-14 dating, is a radioactive decay-based method for determining the age of organic remains that lived within the past 50,000 years.. Most carbon-14 is created from nitrogen-14 in the earth’s upper atmosphere as a consequence of cosmic ray bombardment. It is one of several similarly formed cosmogenic nuclides. American Mathematical Society · 201 Charles Street Providence, Rhode Island 02904-2213 · 401-455-4000 or 800-321-4267 AMS, American Mathematical Society, the tri-colored AMS logo, and Advancing research, Creating connections, are trademarks and services marks of the American Mathematical Society and registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark ...

I watched a video on YouTube, now weird things are happening in my house.

2020.05.16 08:46 FleshyGazelle I watched a video on YouTube, now weird things are happening in my house.

Shit, how do I start this? I am absolutely beyond freaked out. I don’t know where else to post this besides here. I read other stories and love the NoSleep community as you all come through with great advice and support. Forgive me if this sounds rushed, but I don’t know what to do.
Okay, let me start. I came back from work yesterday evening. I live with my wife (now 26 weeks pregnant) and we have a usual routine when I get home. We shower, cook, then sit down on the couch and watch the latest videos from our subscribers on YouTube. We weren’t doing this that day because we were visiting my brother and his wife right after I got home. Rather, my wife was making a quick To-Go snack while I checked out what was on YouTube on my wife’s laptop for when we get back from my brother and sister-in-law.
This is a keynote. My wife’s laptop is pretty old and when you close the laptop without making it manually sleep through the start menu, it will continue to run all things in the background.
This is the weird part. As I sat down and opened up YouTube on her laptop, there was a random suggested video on the home page.
Not from anyone we’ve subscribed to.
I showed my wife as she walked from the kitchen and we both chuckled at how weird the title was.
WARNING!!! I am telling you the title of the video (as best as I can remember it) to see if anyone knows if it’s in a different language or something! I can’t find the video anymore but please, please PLEASE....heed my warning, do not try to look this video up and watch it if it’s found!
The title went something like “promisdejtejizem.” Which just sounds like a bunch of random letters put together.
I can only remember this much by the many times my wife and I tried to say it. Giggling as we did. That night, we laughed no more. The username was the same name as the title. I regret clicking that video now. But when I did, the video was a minute long, with a weird black screen. Not completely black, it had a weird grated overlay and a diagonal black line going from the top left to the bottom right. But the scariest part was the sound.
A repeating noise of rumbling what sounded like deep but clear vibrations. It would fade in and cut out immediately within a second or two. Then repeat. All for a minute long. We listened to it for about 30 seconds as my wife stared at me from the garage door when she said...
“Ha, uh, that sounds really weird...can we go now?”
I complied and closed the laptop and walked out the door with her. Do you guys remember that keynote from the third paragraph? Well. A couple of hours later we got back to the house and opened the door when we were met by that God-Awful sound coming from her laptop.
“Ahh shit.” I said running to the laptop to close out the YouTube video.
Now you’re probably wondering. How was the video still playing when it was only a minute long. It should have stopped or continued to play other suggested videos. You’re not wrong as I thought of the same thing seconds after I closed it down. Somehow. Someway. The loop option must have been turned on. That’s weird occurrence number 1. No big deal.
After that short occurrence, we showered and came downstairs where we watched TV. I pulled up YouTube on my PS4, no weird suggestions, just our normal subscriber's videos displayed on the homepage. We were both silently relieved as we browsed and watched a couple of videos.
After 30 - 45 minutes of watching videos, I opened up Rocket League, another daily routine for me. I was only able to play 2-3 games before shit got weird.
We have an upstairs loft area that hangs over the living room/kitchen. We can kind of see into the loft, but not much. This is where the sounds were coming from. It sounded like flopping/crawling/scratching in our attic. We lived here for several years with nothing sounding as weird as this. My wife's first thought was animals, me on the other hand, thought it was something supernatural. I decided to take a video and some photos. I’m freaking out because I don’t know what that YouTube video released into our home. Or if it did at all. Maybe I'm freaking out over it too much. I don’t know anymore. Here are the photos and videos.
1st Photo (without flash)
2nd Photo (with flash)
I couldn’t hear or see anything in both the video and both pictures, but, from creepy shit happening all my life, it usually takes a third and even fourth eye to see something weird. I’ll post updates and answer any questions anyone has. Looking for advice. I also don’t want anything happening to anyone as well if this did release something, so again. Please don’t watch that video, if you find it.
Update 1: Guys holy fuck! I visited my brother again today and showed him the photos. He found fingers in the first photo!! Look!
Enhanced first photo
UPDATE 2: We need to move... a redditor PM’d me a enhanced version of the 2nd photo below.
Enhanced 2nd Photo
I’ve never been so scared in my life. What do I do?! My wife is freaking out. Should we get up and move?! All our belongings are here. Maybe we can stay with my brother for awhile...
UPDATE 3: Okay, so after doing some research, I think I found what that name of the video is after hours of trying to translate what I thought the title was. Here it is... Also I didn’t find or hear anything in the video I took on my phone.
Possible video title
UPDATE 4: Alright, first thanks to u/Katakana1 for finding the video and translating the description. I AM NOT WATCHING THAT SHIT AGAIN. I SUGGEST YOU DON’T EITHER. Or at least put it on mute. The description says “morskapanna” which translate (in Czech/slovak) to sea maiden. See his/her comment below. I did some more research on it. Ready for this. See the below image.
I’m not putting the whole description but apparently it’s a Slavic folklore entity/creature that is malicious to humankind. Guys. Did I just summon some fucking entity into my home? Remember, this is the title.
Prosim dejte ji sem = Please bring her here / Please give it to her here. What the fuck am I suppose to give her?! More shit is happening in my house. I’ll post later. Help.
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2019.04.19 19:59 Kpagec A Competitive Multiplayer Game Is Looking For Several Positions To Be Filled

Dear reader,

First of all, thank you for expressing interest in this project.

The Game

Dominions at War is a 1v1/2v2/3v3 competitive-style RTS game, inspired by a Warcraft 3 custom mod.
More information about what the game will be provided upon a decision to collaborate, whereas a limited but sufficient information will be provided in direct messages just enough to hook you up.

Current Progress & Backstory

Currently, the game has been developed to roughly 60%, meaning that is not a game project just on paper. I worked on the game for a year but then I took a break since I had some major things happening. However, I am back and ready to kickstart the development and highly determined and motivated to finish it.


Login Screen
Server List
Race Selection Upon Start of Game
In-Game #1
In-Game #2
In-Game #3
In-Game #4


Map Preview

Open Positions

Type of Mutual Contracts

The quick answer is revenue-share.
Reason for this is that I am not dedicating full-time to the project, but still highly motivated to finish it in a reasonable timeframe and I am still at the beginning of my professional career, thus the money I receive is enough to take care of myself and a little bit is left every month. Until now, I have invested some money into the project, and still will invest more.

Should you find yourself interested in the project, please send me a direct message with your portfolio or projects you took part in. If you require more information about the project itself, please do not hesitate to ask.
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2015.02.13 00:45 OGShua And so it continues....

I am pretty sure my work's mailroom guy is none to pleased with me... I am going to have to buy him another case of beer.
I came home with these today.
Without further prattling on here is the carnage.





Yeah I figured out who you were. He sent:
Thank you for these wonderful gifts. I truly appreciate your kindness and generosity.
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General Meeting - Dividend Data ams

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